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I am transitioning to the exciting world of technology!

My previous profession was in finance where I qualified as an ACCA accountant - CPA equivalent - in the UK. This included work in financial control, financial analysis, payments and taxation.

Besides technology, my hobbies and interests are natural history, country walks, growing vegetables, gym, sports, reading, theatre, cooking and drinking tea.



I created this video game using p5.js. The character likes roast chicken and explores the stage to find his favourite food for his wife.

p5.js is a JavaScript library for artists/designers and helps with animations, which was used for the character's movement and background scrolling. The mountains, trees, clouds, land, canyons, chickens, enemies, house and the character were all drawn with p5.js. This game is only playable on desktop and notebook computers and is not playable on mobile devices.

  • left arrow key: walk left
  • right arrow key: walk right
  • space key: jump

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Star Eater

This is a browser game that is built with The fun and learning challenge of this project was working with the Physics that provides, that simulates the real world such as jumping and gravity. There are so many possibilities with and I look forward to developing more games. Try it out by clicking on the link below! Please note that this game is only controllable on desktops for now, not mobile devices yet.

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Nest Egg

This is a current personal project that I recently started and a work in progress. I am adding new features to it over time. Nest Egg is an online trade blotter to store one's equities portfolio. The main existing features are:

  • Displays equity holdings, price, and P&L
  • Records transactions by ticket submission
  • Displays transactions
  • Automatic daily price updates and P&L calculation


Nest Egg is built with the MERN stack.


Localize is a native app for the iPhone that connects tourists with local tour guides. Core functions included:

  • Search
  • Guide and user profiles
  • Real-time chat
  • Itinerary building
  • Payment via Stripe


Localize's front end was built using React Native and Redux; the back end was built with Node and Express. A PostgreSQL database was used for persisting data. The Google Maps and Google Places APIs were used to offer the points of interest visualisation feature. Security involved the use of Auth0. Payments for services were executed via the Stripe API.


4UM is a native app for the iPhone that brings together digital technology enthusiasts to discuss related topics. The app has a rating system that rewards users who answer more questions. The mode of communication is instant chat.


4UM was built with React Native on the front end and Node with Express on the back end. WebSockets was used to enable the instant chat feature. Authentication was incorporated using the Firebase service.


Skooled is a Edutech app that brings together school teachers and parents. The original idea was to enable teachers to communicate school activities to parents and request parental permission. Responses are recorded so that teachers can proceed with their school activities accordingly. Parents can view all documents for only their child or children, and teachers can view all documents for each of their pupils. Video chat enables real time visual and audio communication between parties.


React was used on the front end and Node on the back end. The relational database was MySQL. The video chat feature was built with WebRTC.